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Flexible Financing With Mezzanine Debt

Mezzanine debt offers several benefits including a greater amount of funding, longer terms, back-ended payments, and the ability to retain control over the company. However, a clear advantage of mezzanine debt is the flexibility it offers borrowers. Mezzanine can be customized to the specific capital need you may have. This flexibility makes it a creative financing option for small and mid-market companies that have moved beyond the start-up status but do not yet have the capacity to finance big growth moves themselves or via traditional lending arrangements.

Mezzanine debt allows for greater flexibility through its highly flexible structures. Opting for mezzanine debt offers a mid-market company with customized solutions to structure coupon, amortization and covenants that accommodate the specific cash flow requirements of the business. It is best used when there is a follow on need for additional capital, when subsequent acquisitions are part of the future growth plan.

Greater flexibility through mezzanine debt structures

In most mezzanine deals, the specific objectives of the company and the existing capital structure in place determine the kind of structure to be used. While the basic forms used in most mezzanine financings are subordinated notes and additional return upside for the lender, a mezzanine deal is typically made up of any one or a combination of the following:

Cash interest: This involves a periodic payment of cash based on a percentage of the outstanding balance of the mezzanine financing. Such an interest rate is usually fixed throughout the term of the loan,

Upfront Fees: This involves payment of a closing fee to the mezzanine debt lender. This is usually in the 1% to 2% range on the amount of the loan.

Additional Return Upside: Some but not all mezzanine deals involve a small return kicker called a warrant. This allows the lender to receive a small additional return based on the future performance of the company. This is in addition to in payment of cash interest and PIK interest. The valuation methodology for this return is clearly defined when the deal is closed. This additional return mechanism is useful for aligning the interest of the business owner and the lender as to the future value of the company.

PIK interest: The short form for Payable-In-Kind interest, PIK is a periodic form of payment in which the interest payment is not paid in cash but rather by increasing the principal amount of the loan in the amount of the interest. The PIK interest amount is usually 2% and is in addition to the cash interest payment.

Obstacles To Entrepreneurship In Business

This is a question for you. How long do you think it takes to get a company formed and operational in your area? 3 weeks, 4, 6 weeks? Well, depending on what town hall of which community you intend to operate in, it can easily be 45 or 60 days even more sometimes. And to be licensed for some businesses it may take even longer to gain all documentation needed to legally be operational as a business.

You may agree that the entry door to the entrepreneurial world is in itself somewhat of an obstacle, especially when, as an entrepreneur you are eager to get going with your business idea. But you are ready to go over obstacles so your idea is still burning inside your head and waiting is not a problem.

The spark you had for starting your business, could have died down somewhat, yet you, luckily, are not to be discouraged by this long waiting spell to get documentation approved and can not wait any longer to get started… Well, more traits of business are on the horizon as you will find out when you read further.

If you are investing or thinking of opening a business, the culture of business for entrepreneurs is not exactly reassuring because there is a level of suspicion towards investors, in general. Questions are always being asked about finances; what dodgy bank provides them, is the money gathered for investing clean and legal, are the approvals obtained legally, and also, is money passed under the table for special deals.

People and official departments are weary and often tired of bad business corporations forming daily to exploit, distort and carry out illegal business activities behind the open front face of a properly arranged company. Many chief operational officers of companies carry their operations behind closed doors, causing this way an image for themselves and their corporations that is not respected and admired by many people.

Also, their public image is further tarnished by the fact that the bigger they are as a company, the less they contribute in taxation to the Inland Revenue. This increments the public rejection to the big investors although the governments normally are in favour of the big corporations investing in their country and allow them big tax perks for doing so.

In addition to that, there is the educational system which does not a great deal of fomenting entrepreneurial practices, in general. A different strategy for promoting innovation could and should be implemented at all stages of education everywhere, starting from a very early age.

Focusing on teaching innovative methods for wealth creation could be so much more productive for the future of many communities. Embracing future investment from individual entrepreneurs should be wanted and encouraged by the whole society and it would help so many people embark in businesses’ practices.

Knowledge and only knowledge is not good enough for all, who do not take real action. Individuals need also singularity, creativity and the avenues to exploit their ideas no matter how different from the educational norm. It is not good having so many graduates and not welcome and encourage entrepreneurial endeavor in the business world.

In this day and age, why should it not be possible to start a company in 24 or 48 hours? I know that in some areas it is possible to buy a ready-formed company straight away and be operational the same day or the next day and only pay about 135 Euros for it.

After all that, there are the problems of financing which are horrendous since the crisis began. Now there is the fear of the banks imposing tremendous obstacles to get access to financing of any kind. Huge burdens are imposed on smaller companies when they have to include their family’s finances in the total deal of the banks’ package. Very scary practices!

The banks have at the moment aversion to risk taking so the entrepreneur has to take this into consideration when it comes to seeking capital. Granted that he or she being so eager will come out with solutions for financing the business and this is going to be needed if they are to succeed with their plans.

There is always the option of using private investments but this has to, be considered with caution and with close scrutiny. Be prepared to pay ten, fifteen and twenty times more than the borrowed private loan… But all this I hope, will not be enough to persuade you to stop your idea and I hope that, to the contrary, you feel that nothing is going to stop you from pursuing your dream. If this is so, then you deserve dear reader, the success that you are after, when, in the most adverse conditions, you manage to forge ahead regardless.

Since all of the above are nothing more than obstacles and you are still here thinking nothing can stop you to achieve your goals, it is time now for a further article to cover all the advantages of being an entrepreneur, which I will cover in the near future.

It then looks like you will be the bearer of wonderful news in your business because, for you, success is the only outcome to achieve since quitting is not an option.

The Finance Lease Option and Why Ford Transit Custom Is So Attractive a Lease

Van leasing is a common and popular option among business owners. Varied finance methods are available for those who are interested for leasing a van. Finance lease is a particular type that is rapidly gaining popularity among the business owners scouting for a van to lease.

What in the World Is a Finance Lease?

The finance lease is used as a payment mode for businesses to pay for assets such as vehicles. The business is able to acquire vehicles and use it for the period of the lease. This commercial agreement is characterized by the following:

• The business or customer, the lessee in legal terms, gets to pick a vehicle of his choice.

• The leasing company goes out and buys that particular vehicle for the lease.

• The business looks after and assumes responsibility for maintaining the vehicle.

• The business or the lessee is bound to pay monthly rentals for the period of the lease in exchange of the asset.

Usually it is found that the monthly rental is arrived upon by taking into consideration the following things:

• The price of the vehicle initially minus the taxes like VAT or as applicable.

• The leasing period

• The vehicle’s residual value plus the applicable interest.

It is to be noted that in such an agreement the finance company retains legal ownership of the vehicle during the period of the finance lease.

A finance lease comes with its own sets of advantages:

• Capital outflow is kept within means and at a minimal

• The monthly budget remains precise and certain.

• Agreements may also be made with interest rates that are fixed

• One can recover a large portion of the VAT or other applicable taxes according to the laws of the land.

• As an option one may also chose to have the vehicle replaced in case of vehicle failure.

Why You Want To Go For a Ford Transit Custom

Fuel economy is rapidly gaining grounds for manufacturers of vans as a marketing tool of great value. As fleet operators testify Bluemotion, Econetic, Ecoflex and other keywords that signify a new vigor in fuel economy find takers in plenty.

The CO2 emissions have also forced the van leasing community to take a closer look at such vans among which the Ford Transit Custom DCIV is so typical.

The engine along with the state of the art sophisticated right off-the-shelf features that are distinctively superior to the fuel saving features of other conventional vans.

There is no dearth of new technology also, such as Acceleration control that cuts down on fuel spend in a big way. Tires, brakes and other components are also spared of some of the torture.

Driving in urban scenarios is made with ten percent less fuel consumption in the Econetic model that boasts of a standard stop-start. Some models also sport of a switchable seventy miles to the hour speed limiter, an unique and innovative engine calibration, an optimized gearbox that has a six percent longer final drive ration and the like.

However the Transit’s Econetic has struck a chord with the van leasing community which other van manufacturers would be eager to investigate and replicate.